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    The only autobiographical film portrait of one of the most important psychologists of our time. In this interview with Warren Bennis, Maslow looks back upon his own life and the development of his thinking.
  Dr. Maslow describes how he differed with Freud's view of man as a creature who had to repress his instincts to live in society.
  He also rejected the behaviorist view that all acts are simply reactions to environmental stimuli. He remembers how he had the audacity to rock the establishment with potent new ideas about the evolutionary nature of man.

Black & White. Running Time: 29 minutes    




  Recognizing the higher needs of human beings, Maslow developed a comprehensive theory of human motivation. In this film, Maslow discusses what he found when he set out to study psychological health rather than sickness.
  His study of a select group of fully functioning, creative people led to his theory of self-actualization.  He describes the characteristics he found among his healthy subjects with respect to honesty, humor, social awareness, efficient perception, freshness of appreciation, the peak experience and ethical awareness, further exploring freedom, creativity and trust.

 Black & White. Running time: 1 hour    



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